9 Little Missions - Details

Category: A mission book for everyone or yourself 

Purpose: A different way to break out of your comfort zone through little and big missions. The book consists of 9 missions that you can complete alone or with a special person in your life. In fact, this could also be a “challenging” gift.

Tips: Once you completed a mission, place a mark on the matchstick box and write down some personal thoughts – just to make sure you don’t forget the little moments.

General Information: This special edition book is created in English using a clean and simplified artist style. You can add one name (max. 15 characters), and a personal message (max. 100 characters)

Hardcover: This square book of 140 mm x 140 mm includes 20 funny and joyful illustrations, filled with love from our little heroes; Nidos & Co. The books are printed on high-quality paper with laminated cover. Only available in hardcover.

All you need is a love book

Join Story No. 9 today if you yearn to spread love and truly embrace the concept of finding magic in the little things.