• The struggles of saying "I love you" inspired the founder to create her own personalised love books. 

    Story No. 9 is a Danish online gift shop founded by Nhi Do in November 2017. But its story goes way back. Growing up, she has never felt comfortable saying these three words: "I love you". Her first heartbreak made her found comfort in art and contributed to the creation of the matchbox characters.

    In 2014, she was determined to express her feelings. Although expressing herself verbally was difficult, she would find a way to say it through a unique gift that emphasizes the meaning of love. She got the idea of creating her own handmade love book - a personalised book that illustrated 9 caring actions instead of saying "I love you". 

    With Nhi's vision, she wanted to transform art, personalisation, and actions into love books. Love books that would help others who are looking for a meaningful, easy, affordable, personalised way of gift-giving.

    Others who loved this idea of gifting someone you love, are Nataly Tsiapalo, Ming Luke, and Hamza Aytac Dalgalidere. For years they were working together across the world to create love tickets. They had one common mission: to spread love and celebrate the little things.

    In the end, the struggles of saying "I love you" got Story No. 9 here. Somewhere in between, it helped the founder to realize that "I love you's" should flow naturally without holding back. True love is worth the wait and everyone deserves to be happy!  

    The rest is ... Story No. 9. Watch Love Story

  • Story Team

    Story No. 9 was founded by Nhi Do from the scratch - literally. After 3 years, she managed to find a passionate team of talented artists. Together, they have a dream of creating something extraordinary. With help from the rest of the Story Team – Story No. 9 consists of quality books for a fair price, because we want happiness to be affordable for everyone – again and again! Imagination has no limits for the upcoming gift books :smile:


    Nhi Do

    The Founder

    After 13 years of making customers happy within a broad service field, it was time to become a visionary entrepreneur with eyes on the stars and feet on the ground


    Nataly Tsiapalo

    The Retro Artist

    2D digital artist that is constantly finding new ideas for self-improvement. The most challenging part while working with Story No. 9 is to bring characters to life though simple emotions


    Aytac Dalgalidere

    The Hipster Artist

    Award winning designer, writer and bitter chocolate-lover. Life is meaningful when writing novels and creating colorful art – such as drawings and illustrations


    Ming Luke

    The Dark Burton Artist

    2D animation creator, digital artist and Tim Burton fan. Sharing love to painting and traditional art with a strong interest in exploring the cultural dimensions

    The fearless web designers

    When we first reached out for the UIG team, asking for an artistic universe, they were crazy enough to take this task. Let’s put it this way, the creation of Story No. 9’s website has not been an easy task. It’s actually been a rollercoaster of joy and challenges – and therefore not a task for any web designers… only the fearless ones.



    Pawel Hersztowski

    Head of Studio, UIG


    Pawel Barket

    Project Leader | UX Designer, UIG


    Anzhelika Lubas

    UX/UI Designer, UIG


    Agnieszka Tomkowicz

    Front-end developer, UIG


    Grzegorz Blachut

    Full Stack Developer, UIG


    Kacper Kurek

    Full Stack Developer, UIG

    Honourable mention
    All these people make it possible!


    Sofia Nguyen

    The Advisor


    Katrine Pettersson

    The Content Admin


    Mia Andersen

    The Contenter Guru


    Ryan Beck

    The Magic Book Creator


    Thao Pham

    The Backend Guru


    Ahmad Hahmoud

    The Frontend Specialist


    Johan Steiner Roug

    The Frontend Expert


    Khai Le

    The Software Master


    Pierre Tanderup

    The Marketing Guy


    Jens Christensen

    The Google Guy


    Marie-Louise Overgård

    The Ultimate Blogger & SEO Guru

  • The Creative Process


    Nhi gets ideas and inspirations


    She makes tons of sketches


    Only the best drawings are selected


    Ming, Nataly and Aytac re-illustrate the sketches using advanced drawing tools


    The Story Team
    interprets their artwork in 3 different styles


    The Story Team
    puts LOVE and EFFORT into each illustration


    But they're facing many challenges and corrections!


    And more challenges


    Until we finally reach
    "Happy Artwork" :smile:

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