Love Book with 9 Love Tickets

What is Danish hygge? 

Danish hygge is steadily spreading around the world as people seek out ways to live happier lives. Hygge, however, is about more than "cosiness". It is about finding joy in the simple things in life and enjoying the wonders of life that are right in front of you. Most Danes would not say 'I have a boring life' because hygge is a powerful thing, that embraces the art of doing nothing and still have a good time. You don't have to go out on a spa day, dine at a restaurant or jump out of an airplane to feel enjoyment. Often the best things are making a delicious home-cooked meal and enjoying it together, watching a sunset together; taking the time to enjoy an icecream together - these are all everyday things that can be transformed into powerful acts of love. This is why the love tickets by Story No. 9 consist of small hyggelige things.  

Note this is not a book - it's a feeling 

It all started with a burning desire to create book illustrations giving 'that happy feeling' and amazing graphics. For our team, that meant developing a love book filled with LOVE! Each line, stroke, color and shadow are given careful thoughts because we want to turn simple book illustrations into an artistic universe in Retro, Hipster and Dark Burton styles! Created by creative souls worldwide, we're on a mission to spread love and celebrate the little things.

All you need is a love book

Join Story No. 9 today if you yearn to spread love and truly embrace the concept of finding magic in the little things.