Happy, pass it on!

Why each book is filled with love? 

It all started with a burning desire to make books with chock-full of joy - and to be convenient and affordable too! From the start, all we wanted was to bring a smile to someone else's face. For our Story Team, that meant developing personalised books that embrace Danish hygge! Hygge is a powerful thing about finding joy in the simple things in life. A simple 'thank you' or making a delicious home-cooked meal. All the small things make a big difference. On top of that, great artwork inspires us every day. Each line, stroke, color, shadow are given careful thoughts. This is not just a book, it's a feeling. 

Why different art styles? 

At first, Story No. 9 was searching for that one 'perfect' art style. Only to realize that creativity has no limit. It was difficult to choose one art style over the other, which is why Story No. 9 accidentally turned into an artistic universe. Today we are working with various talented artists from around the world. 'Retro Style' which is a nice mix of light, heavy strokes, and lines - taking us back in time. 'Dark Burton Style' is created in the gothic and eccentric fantasy of Tim Burton. 'Hipster Style' uses the forbidden colors of blue versus yellow that will put anyone in a good mood. 'Romantic Style' is pure and romantic. 'Pen Style' added a gray background with a nice pen sketch, and '7 Years Old Style' made its name for itself. These kids' illustrations are the most innocent and creative representations because the kid's imagination never stops.  Our story is just beginning. 

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