Nidos & Co.

HONI - Main character

Profile: Honi shines like a beautiful star! She is convinced that she can spread her matchstick arms out – and FLY! But it does not seem to work always 

Personality: Curious, caring and slightly clumsy

POGO - The First Love

Profile: Pogo is very outgoing, confident, and self-centered. His matchstick arms are open, but it’s easy to get lost when trying to find the way to his heart

Personality: Seductive, easy to fall in love and easy to fall out of love

KALE - The True Love

Profile: Kale is charming, loving and funny. He tends to be selective, but once he opens his heart, it’s like a beautiful and colorful rainbow! The way he cares for others - makes him one of a kind  

Personality: Thoughtful, funny and enjoys the little things in life

DARLING - The Best Friend

Profile: She is a real darling and often a very protective friend. She is known by her red jacket and black boots

Personality: Funny, optimistic and crazy

MONICA & GOMBAS - Darling’s Little Daughter

Profile: Little Monica always carries around her loyal friend, Gombas. She is sweet like an angel, and have a tendency to laugh at everything!

Personality: Sweet, lovable and silly

All you need is a love book

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