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Honi is a beautiful matchbox who is exhibited on the upper shelf in a toy store. She shines like a star across the entire room, and everybody admires her, even the kids outside the store. One day Pogo is passing by the show window, and instantly he is drawn by Honi’s beauty. Immediately, he is trying to win her heart with his charm, but without any luck. Pogo was about to give up, but their love story soon takes a drastic turn when Rock shows up unexpectedly. Soon the love story continues in an animated movie :)

HONI - Main character

Profile: Honi shines like a beautiful star! She is convinced that she can spread her matchstick arms out – and FLY! But it does not seem to work always 

Personality: Curious, caring and slightly clumsy

POGO - The First Love

Profile: Pogo is very outgoing, confident, and self-centered. His matchstick arms are open, but it’s easy to get lost when trying to find the way to his heart

Personality: Seductive, easy to fall in love and easy to fall out of love

KALE - The True Love

Profile: Kale is charming, loving and funny. He tends to be selective, but once he opens his heart, it’s like a beautiful and colorful rainbow! The way he cares for others - makes him one of a kind  

Personality: Thoughtful, funny and enjoys the little things in life

DARLING - The Best Friend

Profile: She is a real darling and often a very protective friend. She is known by her red jacket and black boots

Personality: Funny, optimistic and crazy

MONICA & GOMBAS - Darling’s Little Daughter

Profile: Little Monica always carries around her loyal friend, Gombas. She is sweet like an angel, and have a tendency to laugh at everything!

Personality: Sweet, lovable and silly

All you need is a love book

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