Love Tickets For Friend - Details

9 Love Tickets:The greatest gift in life is friendship, do you remember to say 'I love you' to your friend? Show your appreciation by cooking something home-made, try something new together, go out for a fun night out and much more! These are all everyday things that can be transformed into powerful acts of pure... love!

Tips:This love book can also be given as an adorable gift to your sister or mom, especially if you have a close friendship. Also, when redeeming a love ticket, write the date in the love book.

Font Type: Standard supports the English alphabet of A-Z letter. It is the recommended font using the same font style as the book. 

Universal supports different alphabets and scripts that are used all over the world (Asian, African, The Middle Eastern, European and the Caucasus alphabets).  

Follow 3 Easy Steps: 

1) Decide language, font type and book type

2) Choose your favorite artist style 

3) Add two names and a personalized text 

General Information:True love is a combination of words and actions. Each love book is created in English with an optional choice for artist styles, customized with 2 names (max. 15 characters), and a personal message (max. 100 characters).

Digital: Running out of time? Choose the digital solution if you want to print the book yourself using simple print paper or send your warm thoughts within seconds. Instant delivery to your e-mail address and the recipient's e-mail address (pdf format).

Hardcover & Softcover: These 140 mm x 140 mm square books include 20 funny illustrations, filled with love from our little heroes; Nidos & Co. The books are printed on high-quality paper with laminated cover. Hardcover is a book bound with a thick and protective cover, whereas softcover is made of thinner paper.

All you need is a love book

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